Digital Skills for entrepreneurs

Help your entrepreneurs acquire the digital skills they need to build, test and grow their business at lightening speed

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2 hours
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Beginner to advanced
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Jump feet first in a 30-day entrepreneurial journey and experience the independent & creative life that could be yours

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👋 Bye bye business plan, hello Digital experimentation

40% of entrepreneurs fail because they focus on developing a product and not on answering real needs. During the workshop, they will acquire a growth hacker mindset and discover key digital tools to test the potential of their idea at lightening speed. "BAM!" is the sound of succeed. Our job? Help your entrepreneurs get there.

Get your entrepreneurs into the experimental mindset and discover key digital tools to grow their business.

Give your entrepreneurs more than post-it notes

Give your entrepreneurs a chance to capitalize on the workshop and make tangible progress with our follow-up 30-day online execution programme. Plus, by hosting the workshop, you make the 30-day programme accessible to all workshop participants at a discounted rate 👍

Let your entrepreneurs access our follow-up online execution programme and reach results that you'll both be proud of.

the programme

Offer your entrepreneurs a chance to:

Learn how to build their own website to gain maximum reactivity and save resources
Run high-conversion marketing campaigns with no ad budget
Get killer results fast, be it sign ups, downloads, meetings, sales, they name it!
Aquire the key digital skills that any entrepreneur should master
Test their hypotheses and prove their product-market fit
Get into a growth hacking mindset and leverage a creativity that they didn't know they had
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