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Why Jump With Us?

We did all the mistakes for you, so that you don't have to do them yourself

we launched

We Launched Two Startups And A Non Profit: 1 crashed, the other 2 succeeded

We created 2 digital startups and a non profit organization. We learnt how to deal with uncertainty and challenges, how crucial it is to surround ourselves with the right people and how exciting and stimulating new adventures are. We also learnt to fail and get back up, and this taught us vital lessons that you don't learn on a school bench.

we created value

We Lost Precious Time and Energy, then Learnt To Focus on What Matters the Most

We spent countless hours preparing for startup competitions and attending startup events. Then, we understood the necessity of focusing our resources on the most essential thing: bringing value to our clients.

we hacked

We thought that we needed a big marketing budget, then we discovered growth hacking

We knew that the best way to guarantee the success of our projects was to reach out to as many people as possible and discovered that you don’t necessarily need a big budget to do so. With growth hacking, we built a 50'000+ prospect database within 3 months and raised €10k+ in revenue on a new, not yet developed product within 30 days from its launch.

we tested

We put all our hopes in hundreds of meetings but nothing got signed, then we understood why

People are nice. They will accept to meet with you, to hear you out and say that what you do is interesting. Yet, we’ve learnt that the only thing that matters is not what they say, but what they do. Did they sign your contract? Do they use your product? This is why we developed our own testing methodology, so that we are able to analyze actions and understand quickly what works and what doesn’t.

we learnt

We hired too many people, burnt cash, then learnt to do everything by ourselves

Money goes quickly. We learnt that the hard way. We hired people way too early because we were afraid to do things ourselves. We then learnt how hiring before finding a product-market fit is a big no no, how you never need someone to design your logo (at least the first one), how you can build your own website within a couple of days and how you can basically teach yourself everything nowadays.


We Raised €2.7 million And Impacted 20’000+ People

All these learnings led us to have an impact on more than 20’000 people and to raise €2.7 million. Throughout our programme, we will guide you so that you too can obtain real results that will help you reach your clients and beneficiaries, improve your product, obtain funds and find partners.

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