Transform your company into a startup for a day

Bring the startup culture and techniques to your company, engage your talents in a unique way and unleash untapped innovation

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Jump feet first in a 30-day entrepreneurial journey and experience the independent & creative life that could be yours

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our method

Do it the startup way

Experiment digitally

Constrained by little resources, startups are forced to develop creative ways to solve problems. We help you put yourself in the shoes of a startup and develop your ability to think outside the box. You will also discover how digital tools can help you validate the potential of your ideas without building anything first.

Get your teams into the experimental mindset and discover key digital techniques to validate new ideas

Execute fast

Startups are small teams with the ability to make decisions fast. While this is inherently complicated in a big company, we help you achieve the same speed of decision and execution by setting up an intrapreneurial team whose mission is to test new ideas and craft next generation innovation.

Implement speed and flexibility by setting up intrapreneurial teams in charge of innovation

Implement Cutting-edge solutions

Allow yourself to safely explore transformative ways of doing business, by integrating AI solutions, chatbots, blockchain, VR, fintech, or HR tech, and stumble upon solutions that you hadn't considered before.

Play with bold transformation opportunities, such as AI, chatbots, blockchain, VR, HR tech and much more

your advantages

Why participate?

Increase employee engagement and satisfy the entrepreneurial thirst of your collaborators
Save resources by harnessing rapid experimentation and growth hacking workflows
Offer an innovative Learning & Development opportunity focused on Digital techniques
Test bold ideas in safe mode and ultimately build better products and services
Discover new ways to identify your customers' needs and build solutions that truly answer to them
Blend the best of the corporate world and the startup world, and find the mix that's right for you
our programmes

three options to get into startup mode

1-day boot camp

Experiment boot camp

Want to engage your employees and explore new ways of doing business?
A 1-day boot camp to transform your company into a startup and give your employees a chance to explore new ideas with the same constraints and opportunities that a startup would have.
4-6 month acceleration

Acceleration programme

Got a new idea? New product? New intrapreneurial project? 
We provide your team(s) with startup thinking, tools and support during 4 to 6 months. Our mission? Get them to product-market fit validation with limited time and resources invested.
startup scouting

Open Innovation programme

Need to solve a strategic need but do not want to develop the solution internally? Or simply want to explore an innovation area?
We organize a call for startups in the identified field and help you set up a win-win partnership (POC, investment, or any other type of collaboration that fits your needs).
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For all teams

Product teams

Marketing teams

Sales teams

HR teams

Innovation teams

They innovate in startup mode

They've offered the workshop to their entrepreneurs


get the best of both worlds and Fuel innovation like never before

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